Friday, February 24, 2012

How To Play Land Mines Drinking Game

What You Need
- A quarter
- Beer of the canned variety
- A reasonably large table.....

- Play starts with the first player taking the quarter and spinning it on the table.
- While the quarter spins, the player then takes a chug of beer.
- After taking a chug, the player must then try to pick up the still spinning quarter.
- You MUST use the same hand that you chugged with to pick up the quarter!
- If the quarter stops and the spinner is unsuccessful, they must then take a drink and try again.
- After completing the above tasks correctly, play then moves to the left of the player who just went.
- If a player is unsuccessful 3 times in a row during the game, just make them do some kind of penalty and move on. Remember, compassion saves livers!

Land Mines
When players begin finishing their beers, those empty beer cans become "land mines". A player can now take their "land mines" and smash any other players' quarter during its spin, causing that player to drink and spin again. Empty beer cans that are used as "land mines" stay in play where they were deployed until the end of the game, making them an obstacle to avoid from then on out.

End Game
Like most drinking games, there is no real "winner". The objective is pretty much not to get hammered before the next guy. Accomplishing that means not hitting the constantly added obstacles, and not sucking at spinning and catching a quarter with one hand. If you can do those things, you should do just fine.

Feel free to let me know if you have any variations to the rules....