Thursday, December 9, 2010

How To Survive Finals Week

It's getting that time of year again. I can almost hear the sound of panicked college students scrambling to cram knowledge in their brains while sucking down coffee just to keep going. Others are freaking out over fifteen page papers worth 30% of their grade, that they've had 3 weeks to do, but have yet to start. Ahhh...the good ole days.

If you are one of these mentioned above, I've come up with a few tips to help you get through this troubling time. So take a break from all your trepidation and listen up.

Chill Out
I know, it's easier said than done. But you really do need to take a deep breath every once in a while. Worrying about something doesn't change anything, just your stress levels. If you've waited too late to get something done, do the best that you can with the little amount of time you have left. That's all you can do.

Go See Your Professor
If you think there's no way you're going to pass a class, then there is only one thing to do in this kind of situation. Beg! Go to your professors office and beg till it hurts. Even try squeezing out a few tears here and there. If you're a guy this might not bring you as much success as it will for ladies, but it's always worth a try.

Get Some Sleep
Staying up till 4 o'clock studying for a test won't do you much good if you can't stay awake the next day to take it. The loss of sleep means the loss of focus, and if you're like me, then you probably don't have much to spare. Study as hard as you can, but try and hit-the-hay around 12 or so. Your brain will be nice and rested the next day so you can give that exam all you've got.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're In The Paper!!

Check us out in The East Carolinian
Special thanks to Ms. Rebecca Blanchette for writing such a great article!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Student Discounts Till You Die

Reflecting on a Student Discount

We've all secretly wished we could stay in college forever at some time or another. The parties, the games, the freedom, and most of all....the Discounts!

As a fresh college grad, I can say that I've pulled out my student ID more than once to get a student discount. Why not? The picture still looks like me....sort-of.

So, if you're like me and want to save a buck or two, definitely check out this lifehacker article that gives some great advice on how to make those student discounts last forever even well after you've graduated!

Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Cheap Things To Do Around Campus

After a great Thanksgiving week off from blogging, I'm back with guns blazing to finish out this semester with some great posts. So make sure to check in frequently and keep on surviving!

Sporting Events
If you're currently a student at most universities, tickets are free (and you can't beat FREE). Even if your athletic teams suck or you don't like sports, go out to show your support and have a little fun. To me, the student section always felt more like one big party rather than a cheering section, anyways. Most people are just there to have a good time.

I know this isn't technically on campus, but just give me a minute to explain before you question my reasoning in the comment section. When I was at college, you could rent a tent from the Rec Center for next to nothing. If your university does this, I strongly advise you to do so. It will save you on having to buy or look for one yourself and most camping places are dirt cheap. So pack up everything you need, get together with some friends and head off into the great outdoors. A little fresh air will do you good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

17 Smart Ways To Live Cheaper on Campus

Another great article from our partners at The Real College Guide

17 Smart Ways to Live Cheaper on Campus

By David Replogle for The Real College Guide

Living on a shoestring budget? Whether your parents float you funds or you’re pulling a part-time paying gig, here’s how to stre-------tch every precious penny.

Broke -- it’s a common catch in student jargon. “OMG, I broke my phone at that rager last night” or “I just broke up with my girlfriend ’cause she was cheating on me with my best bud.” But when used as an adjective, the word describes the financial status of most college kids.

Unless Dad is handing over his preferred platinum card or you strike it rich selling those musty ol’ Pokemon cards, you’ll have to get by on meager means. Here are some painless ways to get major bang for your buck … even if it’s your last buck.

Put the "Eat" in Creativity

Whether you’re craving a change from the monotonous glop of the dining hall, celebrating a friend’s birthday at a nearby bistro or taking a study break to go for a late-night munch, your wallet will take a hit. Cutting back on these extravagances means getting clever.
  1. Buy in bulk When stashing snacks in your room, think long term. Talk to your roommates about pitching in for some grub, then head to the nearest warehouse retail chain to stock up on industrial-sized cheaper-in-the-long-run crates of Ramen packets and other non-perishables. Many discount clubs offer collegiate membership rates, and some give free introductory one-time shopping passes for non-members to bypass the annual fee altogether.
  1. Use the student discount Grocery stores, restaurants and even places on campus usually have discounts for students. Even if you don’t see it advertised, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Have your student ID at all times. It could save 15 percent on that panini or score you a free dessert!
  1. Sniff out free food Complimentary chow is almost as popular on campus as the latest gossip on CollegeACB. “Club meetings and churches are always looking to give out food to potential new members,” says Robby Panos, a University of Virginia junior. Philanthropic bashes and school-sponsored speaker events are also prime time for gratis grubs. Grab a slice of pizza and take in a lecture.
  1. Have a drink on me Students pour beaucoup bucks down the drain when indulging in conveniences like Starbucks and bottled water. Invest in a coffeemaker so you can brew your own, and get yourself a travel mug. Pick up a refillable water bottle too if your college’s tap is tolerable. Bonus: It’s better for the environment.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Say You Want A Revolution? Down With Tuition!

This post is going to be a little more serious then usual so if you were looking for something witty or funny, sorry; not today.

[Steps onto soapbox] In my opinion, college students have grown soft (like this country in many ways). I recently read an article that for the first time ever, the amount of student loan debt has now passed the amount of credit card debt in this country. Every year colleges hike up the price of tuition and every year I hear students gripe and complain about it. But do they band together to fight the new tuition hike?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Entertainment On A College Budget

As a college student, staving off bordem with a small amount of cash is a constant battle. If watching movies is what you're into, here are a few ways to fill in all that free time without breaking into your party fund.

Let's just say that I've had NetFlix for almost a year now, and I've never looked back. For $8.99 a month I get a new release DVD in the mail and access to their huge online streaming database of movies and TV shows. We're talking entire seasons of Rocko's Modern Life, The Deadliest Catch, Family Guy, American Dad, The Office and Futurama (pinch me I must be dreaming). I barely even watch regular TV anymore, to be honest.

Blockbuster (in brick and mortar form) is done for and redbox is the reason. How can it compete with something that doesn't have to pay rent and dispenses movies automatically? Find the closest redbox nearest you and for only $0.99 you can rent a new movie for the night. I specifically remember paying $4.99 for a new movie at BlockBuster. Those were dark days; dark days indeed.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Campus Suicides: Reality Check

Here is a informative article written by Elizabeth Cunningham from our partners at The Real College Guide which outlines the harsh epidemic reality that is campus suicides.

The Real College Guide: Health & Fitness

Campus Suicides: Reality Check
By Elizabeth Cunningham for The Real College Guide

The tragic story of Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi’s suicide has resonated throughout the academic community. The student’s death was the first of a string of recent suicides by other gay teens, including four high school students and Johnson and Wales University sophomore Raymond Chase.

In early 2010, Cornell University experienced three suicides in less than a month -- after three others during the fall semester of 2009. Other campuses that have lost students to suspected suicides this year include Yale University, University of Illinois and Washington University.

But this does not even begin to paint an accurate picture of the scope of the campus suicide problem. According to the American Association of Suicidology, it’s estimated that more than 1,000 suicides occur on college campuses every year. ...

Campus Suicides Reality Check No. 1: This is a BIG problem.
First, the good news: Several studies have concluded that the suicide rate among college students is about half the rate of non-students of the same age. Still, the statistics on campus suicides remain grim.

A study from the University of Texas at Austin, published last year in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, looked at a cross section of students enrolled in 70 U.S. colleges and universities. According to the study:

• Eighteen percent of undergraduates reported that they’d seriously considered attempting suicide.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Beer Pong Gets Decked!: Pong Deck Product Review

In the college party scene, beer pong's popularity as a social drinking game is on the decline. Because of games like Corn Hole, Flip Cup, King’s Cup and Bucket Ball, beer pong has taken a back seat in the college party drinkscape. So naturally, I became very excited when a couple of great guys from Chicago contacted me about a new product they created which is supposed to give beer pong a well needed kick in the ping pongs. In their own words, "Beer Pong Will Never Be The Same!”

When first hearing this statement, I thought it was a little lofty at best. Changing an already established game that everyone knows never really works out well (case and point: The XFL). Upon looking a little deeper, however, my opinion quickly changed.

The Game
Pong Deck is a new way of playing beer pong which incorporates a deck of 50 cards which are dealt out under each cup full of beer. When a ball is made in the cup, the card must be flipped over to reveal either an action (lose a turn, downtown shot, hook shot, no look shot, etc.) or drinking scenario (chug 2 seconds, chug 4 seconds, social, waterfall, etc.) that then must be done. To put this game to the test, this Halloween I pulled out my brand new Pong Deck for the very first time with a group of friends. We played at least 6 or 7 games with the deck, and here is what I found:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What You Should Consider Before Going To College

Oh the things I wish I had considered before going to college. Technical school, opening my own business, figuring out exactly what I wanted major in; the list goes on and on. To be quite honest though, the biggest thing I wish I’d considered in my pre-college decision making was if college was even right for me in the first place.

Most of you out there are probably like I was and have been so inundated with the idea of having to go to college to be successful, that it almost doesn’t seem like a decision at all -- more like a necessity.

Half-way through my college career, however, I began to feel like I might could have done without. But by that time I was so far in that stopping and moving on would not only feel like a failure to me, but to my family as well. It would turn into a wasted investment of both time and money -- and I didn’t want that to happen, so I stayed.

Am I glad now that I continued on and got my degree? Yes! But I feel as though, especially considering the direction I am

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Importance of Internet Connectivity in College

The Internet has become way more than just a means to keep up with friends and find funny videos. When it comes to college, Internet connectivity has gone from “can do without” to “necessity” in just a few years. With many of the services that were once done in person are now online, Internet connectivity is a must have in order to get by.

With things such as:
  • online registration
  • online class support services like “BlackBoard”
  • final grade postings
  • emailing professors
  • updates on school and class cancelation
  • submitting assignments
...the need for the Internet as a student is undeniable and those without it are almost destined to be behind.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Supporting Your College Football Team As A Student

I say Football team, but many of these ideas can work with most any sport you like.

Dress Up
You can’t consider yourself a fanatic if you’re going to the game in just a team T-Shirt. Go ahead and paint yourself up or put on some crazy looking plastic jewelry! Have a good time with it! You may think you’re standing out and being weird, but I guarantee you’ll be seen as a hero.

Learn The Routine
Every team's fans have a way of going about cheering. There are certain cheers and chants you need to know in order to successfully support your team, including the "Fight Song" and the "Alma Mater". This fact goes out more towards the freshman reading this as well. If you’re heading to the game for the first time, ask whomever you’re going with if there are any chants and rituals you need to know before your first game. It might sound like a goofy question to ask, but it’s well worth doing to keep you from looking like a fool (a.k.a. a Freshman).

Monday, October 11, 2010

How NOT to Get Overextended at College! Guest Post For
The College Survival Handbook

Being Pulled In 10 Different Directions? Learn How To Say N-O!

It’s easy to feel overextended in college. A typical Bachelor’s degree only lasts four short years, and you want to immerse yourself in every experience and opportunity possible. You’re accepting invitations to join athletic teams, attend club meetings, campus student leadership opportunities, internships, campus and community service activities, and oh, you also have your college classes and homework! Saying “yes” to all of these invitations is easy, isn’t it? But when it comes to being an active part of each activity, well, that starts to get a lot more difficult as they all demand a portion of your time and energy. You want to give each interest

Thursday, October 7, 2010

7 People You Should Socialize With At College

The Jock
Hanging around The Jock is as good for your health as eating salads and drinking water. Along with maybe a few free tickets and the heads up on all the big parties, The Jocks’ overall healthy living is something you’ll want to pick up. So get off your lazy butt and do a little exercising with them. Being around their constant vigor to succeed might rub off on you.

The Greek
All the parties The Jock doesn’t know about, The Greek does. If someone’s having a party for their Grandmas 80th birthday and they’re getting a keg, The Greek can sniff it out like a bloodhound would an escaped convict. Another useful trait of The Greek is that they usually know who the easiest professors are from passed down knowledge by their Elder Greekers. So if your looking for an easy "A", The Greek can typically point you in the right direction.

The Foreigner
To bring in a fresh perspective on your life, The Foreigner is definitely worth having around. That status quo American mindset of yours is due a culture shake-up right about this time in your life. It’s certainly worth experiencing now when your mind is still young and malleable, than when you’re old and less receptive to others’ ideas.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Avoid Those Freshman 15

According to Dr. Edward R. Laskowski article on you need
“at least two hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity (like a brisk walk or swimming) or one hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity (such as running) – preferably spread throughout the week.” 
Dr. Laskowski goes on to say that doing strength training exercises (like weight lifting) twice a week is also recommended to stay healthy.

Advice like this is great but shouldn’t need be told to a spry 18 to 20 something year old. A college kid shouldn’t be sitting on their butt all day during the best years of their life. There are plenty of campus activities such as intramural sports, club events or random groups of people doing some sort of physical activity that you could easily join. So, stop sitting around stalking people on Facebook all day and start living a little.

Cut Back On Them Beers
There are 110 Calories in a single 12 oz. can of Bud Light. Let’s say you pound down 12 of those in one night at a party. Congratulations, you just sucked down 1,320 calories of brew. That is nearly the same amount of calories as 2 and a half Big Macs from McDonalds that you just consumed in a single night (no wonder you feel so crappy the next day). Its easy to lose oneself when throwing a couple back with friends, but keep in mind the toll your putting on your body when doing so and try and mediate the line between having a good time and hurting your body in the process.

Friday, October 1, 2010

6 Tips For When You're Sick At College

It's getting that time of the year again. With the changing of the seasons and temperatures dropping, it's getting harder and harder to stay healthy. So, if you've already caught one of the many bugs going around, here are a few tips to live by when dealing with it.

Drink Lots of Water
I know it's hard to drink water when all that beer is staring you in the face, but your just going to have to suck it up. Drink water....LOTS of water!! And definitely no alcohol! Alcoholic beverages are a liquid diuretic (means it makes you pee, not a liquid laxative) and will drain your body of vital fluids you're going to need in order to fight what ever it is that's inside you.

Go to the Infirmary
You're paying for it in your tuition, so you might as well go. Yes, it's going to suck getting out of bed and getting down there, but you (and probably your mother) need to know what you have and if you'll need some medication to get rid of it. It would suck if you had some sort of infection and didn't go to the doctor till a couple days later; then have to miss even more school while you're waiting for the meds to kick in.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interesting Facts About Doing The Dirty

All the "Safe Sex" posts are definitely in the wings, but for now just enjoy these interesting facts about doing the dirty (courtesy of and we'll get back to the more serious stuff later.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Studying Abroad

The Eiffel Tower, Taken By Me

There is nothing I can type that will help me describe the beauty of Michelangelo's "David" or the feelings I had when gazing up at the Sistine Chapel. No amount of words can tell how small I felt while staring out across the endless landscape of Paris, in the shadow of the Basilique du Sacré Cœur atop Montmartre. The world got bigger, my consciousness grew larger and the unknown arrogance I had towards the world around me diminished. Life as I knew it was different because the box my mind once lived in no longer existed.

I traveled throughout Europe for a month and some change to Spain, Germany, Italy and ended in Paris for a week. During that time I found a different part of myself and discovered that my life here in America was not the only way of doing things. I was bombarded with differentiating views; some of which I have still yet to shake. It was an eye opening experience to say the least and changed me into a better, more receptive individual.

Not all who go abroad come back changed as I did. Some come back worse and even more set in their ways then before they left. So, if you are about to or thinking about going abroad, here are a couple of rules to live by to keep yourself from falling into the dreaded "Arrogant American" mindset of exclusive thinking these types of people acquire.

Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Ways To Find True Love At College

With fear of sounding like "The Love Doctor" or Will Smith on "Hitch", I have decided to give love advice. This isn't eHarmony and I'm not Dr. Phil, so if my advice doesn't work for you then I'm sorry.

This list contains the most important things I hear people say when talking about "how and why" they met their true loves in college. Some girls even talked about how they are only going to college just to find their future husband. This seems pretty silly to me paying over $1,000 a semester to go to school when they could just live in a college town and save some money. Anyway, here it is and I hope it helps you find that special someone you've been looking for. Who knows? They might just be right down the hall...

Live On Campus
Living on campus your  Freshman year is a must; if at all possible. When your forced into living with and around other people that you would not normally be around, you meet people you would normally shy away from. This helps to broaden you not only as a student, but also as a human being. If you stay by yourself in an apartment off campus, chances are high you're not going to acquire the social ties you other wise would if you stay on campus your first year. I met my girlfriend of 4 years (this Sunday) on a campus bus back to our dorms, which just happened to be right next to one another. If it wasn't for living on campus, I probably never would have known she even existed.

How To Play Beer Pong

This video may be a little crudely made and contain some bad acting, but it is the best "how to play beer pong" video I could find that played the game similar as me. The only difference between how we play beer pong is that we only use 5 cups per side instead of 10, this because splitting up two beers between 10 cups has a much higher chance of ending up with spilt beer than 5 (and nobody wants that) :..(. Otherwise, all the other rules are pretty much the same as stated so Enjoy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

*Blog Update*

Hello College Survivors,

I hope you all have been finding what you need here at my blog. I am writing this post to inform you about some changes that will be taking place, starting next week.

I have made the decision to cut back my posts from 5 a week to 3 a week. Quality is better than quantity, as I always say, and I would rather give my best 3 times a week, then be mediocre 5.

I will also NOT be posting religiously at 8 A.M. as I have been up until now. Looking at the numbers I can see that most of you do not view my blog until later in the day (I'm assuming because you're all still sleeping ;p) which makes it not worth getting it done so early for such a small return.

In closing, I hope these changes do not upset any of you and I can't wait to show you all the cool things that I've got ready for the future of this blog.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caught Checking Out The Blog

Here is my dog Oliver getting caught checking out the blog. This little stinker thought I wasn't looking, but I caught him in the act!

How College Could Help You Stay Healthy

A new study by the CollegeBoard entitled "Education Pays 2010", gives some interesting statistics comparing those who GO to college to those who DO NOT. Here are some of the more intriguing facts from the report, including one that states how college graduates are said to be healthier than non-college graduates...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Books To Read Before You're 30 (With Bonus Advice)

While "Stumbling Upon" yesterday, I came across something between the cute cat photos and random Java games that really intrigued me. It was a post from a blog called "Mark and Angel Hack Life" entitled

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 5 Excuses To Get Money From Your Parents

Oh the joys of being a broke college student. Money starts getting tight and your groveling skills with your parents are put to the test. Luckily I've been in those same shoes and have decided to pass my knowledge of what to do down to you. Here are my own personal "Top 5 Excuses" to help you get that extra cash from your parents when you're just flat broke. These are tried and true excuses, so all that's left for you to do is just dial the number and start acting for that Oscar.


Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Play Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another one of those drinking games that has become very popular within the college community. Knowing how to play is a must when heading to any college party. So, if you've never played before or just need a

Lazy Friday Round-up

Being that I've worked my ass off this week, I feel like I have earned the right to take little more time putting up the post for today. In the mean time here's an overview of all the posts from this week in case you missed any and don't forget to check in later today for the new one.

- 5 Ways NOT To Be Annoying In Class
- How Classical Music May Help You Get Better Grades
- 6 Tips When Writing Your Resume

Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 Tips For Writing A Successful Resume

Don't Be Flashy
A professor once told me that if he got a resume with any kind of color on it whatsoever, he threw it straight in the trash; no questions about it. Employers assume when they see color on a resume, that the resume isn't strong enough to stand on its on and needs gimmicks to catch their attention. So keep it black and white, if you don't want to chance your resume ending up in the trash without even getting a once over.

Keep it simple
No books! Just the absolute basics (Contact Information, Objectives, Qualifications, Accomplishments, Educations, Certificates, Experience, Extracurricular Activities, etc). No need to give them your whole life story, and to be quite honest, you probably don't even need a cover letter unless it's for a really high-end job. With so many people looking these days, its hard to say that employers are wasting time reading a lengthy cover letters when searching.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Classical Music May Help You Get Better Grades

According to an article by, classical music may (among other things) aid you in your studies and writing by enhancing intelligence, improving

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 Questions You Must Answer Before Renting

Here are 4 Questions one must answer before renting. Some may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many times one is forgotten.

How cheap is too cheap for you?
Everyone loves a deal, but there's a point when it stops being one for you. If you can't stand cockroaches and small spaces, then you're probably not going to want to live in the cheapest apartment you can find. Knowing what you can skimp on and what is just nonnegotiable is a must when it comes to finding an somewhere to live.

Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Ways NOT To Be Annoying In Class

Stop Whispering To Your friends
As interesting a time involving a clown, two sheep and a cheerleader you may have had last night, it can wait until after class. Lectures usually only last about an hour and some change, which leaves 23 other hours in the day to tell about your outrageous adventures.

The Drink Is Done…Put It Down
I know your trying to get your moneys worth out of the soda, but just take off the lid. It's not worth getting the "stink eye" from all those sitting around just for the last little bit of Mountain Dew your sucking down one droplet at a time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Learn How To Speed Read Like A Machine

Ever wanted to finish that boring textbook chapter at a blazing 1,200 WPM? Well, thanks to an article by, you can (or at least can give it your best shot).

Being a slow reader myself, I felt both thrilled and skeptical on the possibility of learning to read faster, so I decided to give it a try. What I found was that if you follow the advice they give, you can increase the speed at which you recognize and understand what you are reading. Don't believe me? Go read the article and try it for yourself. You can visit it by clicking HERE or the picture above.

If you follow their advice and put a little work into it, you'll be surprised at how fast your mind can really go when it comes to reading.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Ways NOT To Be A Terrible Roommate

Turn Down Your Music
It's one in the morning, I'm trying to get some sleep before my mid-term tomorrow and your blasting Lady Gaga having a little one person party in your room. TURN IT DOWN!! They've come out with this new invention called "Headphones"; GET SOME!!

Take Criticism Well
If you can't take criticism well, then you might as well get a room alone. There are things that you've been doing all your life by yourself that's just not going to cut it when living with others. So get ready for a little constructive criticism and try to bite your tongue as much as possible.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Play Kings Cup / Circle of Death

There are many different variations of playing Kings Cup / Circle of Death, but the rules are essentially the same .  I'm going to give you the basic rules I have used since I first started playing.

In Kings Cup, an empty cup is placed in the center of the table along with entire deck of cards spread out evenly around it in a circle.  Going clockwise, players draw cards from the circle. When a King is drawn from the circle of cards, that player must pour whatever it is they are drinking into the center cup. Any other card drawn must follow the actions stated below. The game is over when the fourth King is drawn, in which case the person who draws the 4th King must then drink the middle "King's Cup" no matter what crazy concoction it may hold.

What to do when you draw a...

Ace - Waterfall
Beginning with the person who draws the card, everyone at the table must start to drink. Players cannot stop drinking until the person to their left stops, beginning with the person who drew the Ace. That means the if you are directly to the

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Great Websites Any College Student Should Visit

This website is chocked full of advice on excelling as a student in education. It gives tips on everything, from "Good Listening Skills When in Class," to "Creative Ways to Help you Remember Key Words for Tests." Definitely worth looking up for anyone still in school.


This website is frozen in time. It looks essentially the same as it did 15 years ago when it was created, yet somehow still fills its purpose quiet well. Everything from an apartment to a lover can be found in Craiglist's endless pit of information. Just don't expect any elaborate user experience; only what you need is all you'll get here.

New Post Later Today

It was a long and adventurous Labor Day weekend. New post coming later today, I promise. Meanwhile, click on Belushi and have a laugh.

Monday, September 6, 2010

7 Ways NOT to Get Arrested at a Football Game

Never Wear the Away Teams' Colors in the Home Teams' Student Section
No matter how many people you're "cool with" from the Home Team, you're not cool with everyone. Showing up in the student section with the Away Teams' logo across your chest is just asking for an ass kicking . If you must have on your teams logo, wear a hat; maybe they won't notice.

DON'T Talk to the Cops.....EVER
Good rarely comes from talking to the cops at sporting event. I've seen people go up and say just three or four words, then seconds later have their arms wrestled behind them being carried out in hand cuffs. I know what your thinking too, "They can't do that, I have freedom of speech". Well, in the end, it's their word against yours, so who do you think the judge is going to believe? Best advice if you see one, keep your mouth shut. If they look your way, give a small nod of approval and just keep on walking.

Leave Your Airplane Bottles at Home
If I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times! Someone tries to be sneaky by pouring some liquor into their Pepsi and GETS CAUGHT. They then have to take that embarrassing walk down the stairs in the hands of a Police Officer who's holding the little airplane bottle above his head for everyone in the stands to see. Don't be an idiot, get your fill before coming in and just leave the rest outside.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"I'm On A Boat" A Cappella

Click Pic To See Original Music Video

In the spirit of being lazy on a Friday, here is "I'm On A Boat" sung A Cappella by a group at UC Santa Cruz. Enjoy......

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How To Make Jello Shots

I was going to write up an entire "How To" on making Jello Shots, but then I found this video that said everything for me, it is, Party On!!... (responsibly of course)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adderall: The Abused Drug of Our Generation

Adderall and Ritalin, or "Smart Pills" as I like to call them, are the abused drugs of our generation. The 60's had Acid, the 70's had Weed, the 80's had Coke, the 90's had Ecstasy and the New Millenium has ADD Meds.

Abuse in College
In college, theses drugs are abused constantly. A recent conversation with a fellow student before taking an important exam definitively hammered this fact home for me.

"I took THREE Adderall yesterday and have stayed up all night studying for this test", he said to me with eyes so large they made him look more like an owl searching for its next meal then a student ready to "ace" a test.

It doesn't stop at just extreme studying, either. I hear girls talking all the time about how they use ADD medication to help them lose weight when summer rolls around. ADD Meds decreased appetite due to the slowing down of your metabolism (or so I've heard).

A Little History
With public school budgets shrinking over the years, one-on-one help with students disappearing and classroom sizes growing larger all the time; students inattentive behavior is being blamed for why they are not able to learn as the rest of the class. Five and six year old brains are then subjected to mind-altering, habit forming drugs to help

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs (With Majors and Certifications Needed)

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Looking for a college major that pays the big bucks, well you better be ready for the long haul according to a recent article by CNBC on "The Top Paying Jobs of 2010". Four out of the five top paying jobs in 2010 are in the medical field and require a doctorate degree.

Here is a list of the top 5 highest paying jobs in 2010 provided by CNBC with a link to information about what majors/degrees and certifications are needed in order to start working in that field.

5. Obstetricians & Gynecologist

Average annual salary: $204,470

Job details : Specialize in women’s health; treat and prevent disease related to pregnancy and the reproductive system.

Majors/Degrees Needed: Click

4. Orthodontists

Average annual salary: $206,190

Job details: Apply braces or retainers to straighten patient’s teeth.

Majors/Degrees NeededClick