Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How To Do Laundry in 10 Easy Steps


Step 1.

Separate your clothes into piles of light colors, dark colors and whites (sometimes there is not enough whites to make a full load, if not just throwing them in with the lights should be fine).

Step 2.

On the washing machine, select both a temperature setting based on the color and type of clothes you are washing, as well as a load size setting based on the amount of clothes you are washing. Most clothes say on the tag at what temperature they should be washed at, but if you are unsure, washing them on "Cold Cold" should be your safest bet.

Step 3.

Next we need to select the type of wash. Most machines label these Regular, Delicate/Knits or Perm Press. You should also base the type of setting chose on the type of clothes you are washing as you did in the earlier step. To be quite honest, I have never used any other setting besides Regular when doing my laundry and they come out just fine, so don't stress too hard if you're unsure. After selecting the type, proceed to start the washing machine. Most washers require you to press the turn dial in before being able to move it to the desired setting and then pulled back out again when that setting is selected to start.

Quick Note: If your washing whites and wish to use bleach, this would be a good time to add that, if you haven't done so already, into the container that is usually labeled "Bleach Only" on the washer.

Step 4.

Wait a few minutes to let the water rise in the machine, and then start adding whatever type of detergent you are using (powder, liquid, etc.) in the proper amount according to again, to the amount of clothes being washed. When the water starts to become sudsy, then start adding your clothes.

Step 5.

After filling the washer with your clothes, make sure to close the lid and find something productive to do for a while until they are finished.

Quick Note: If you are going to be using Fabric Softener while you wash the clothes make sure to wait to put it in during the LAST rinse cycle. Also, make sure not to overload the washing machine with too many clothes. This may cause your clothes to not be washed as throughly; or worse, you may end up breaking the machine.


Step 6.

Take the now damp clean clothes from the washing machine and place them into the dryer. While doing this, also making sure that the lint catcher in the dryer is clean of any leftover lint from prior use.

Step 7.

If you did not use fabric softener during the washing process or just like REALLY soft fabrics, then you will need to add one or two fabric softener sheets to the dryer to keep your clothes from coming out feeling like stiff sandpaper.

Step 8.

Close the door and, yet again, depending on your type of fabric, select the temperature and amount of time you want to your clothes to dry. I usually just do mine on Medium Heat to cut down on shrinkage but if you have delicates, you will want to use low heat. After making your selection, start the dryer.

Step 9.

Sit back and relax

Step 10.

Remove your dry clean clothes from the machine and then proceed to call your mother and tell her of your latest achievement. Congrats!