Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Great Websites Any College Student Should Visit


This website is chocked full of advice on excelling as a student in education. It gives tips on everything, from "Good Listening Skills When in Class," to "Creative Ways to Help you Remember Key Words for Tests." Definitely worth looking up for anyone still in school.


This website is frozen in time. It looks essentially the same as it did 15 years ago when it was created, yet somehow still fills its purpose quiet well. Everything from an apartment to a lover can be found in Craiglist's endless pit of information. Just don't expect any elaborate user experience; only what you need is all you'll get here.


Got a little time to kill or bored out of your mind in class? Check this website out. They have plenty of funny videos and pictures to keep you entertained; even full fledged articles which are usually quiet interesting.


Ever wish you could share those notes from class you just took on your computer with your mobile device (like iPhone or Blackberry) simply by starting up an app? Now you can with Evernote. Evernote syncs between your computer, your mobile devices and their online server to connect whatever document(audio, pictures, or text) so that you will be able to access them where ever you want and on whatever you want.


Every college student should visit this site even before they start school. Facebook was started in a college dorm room specifically for the college community. Before this now super-popular social networking website was so, it was used almost only exclusively by the college community. If don't have a Facebook account in college by now, I think its time to join the party. My mom has one for goodness sakes!