Thursday, October 7, 2010

7 People You Should Socialize With At College

The Jock
Hanging around The Jock is as good for your health as eating salads and drinking water. Along with maybe a few free tickets and the heads up on all the big parties, The Jocks’ overall healthy living is something you’ll want to pick up. So get off your lazy butt and do a little exercising with them. Being around their constant vigor to succeed might rub off on you.

The Greek
All the parties The Jock doesn’t know about, The Greek does. If someone’s having a party for their Grandmas 80th birthday and they’re getting a keg, The Greek can sniff it out like a bloodhound would an escaped convict. Another useful trait of The Greek is that they usually know who the easiest professors are from passed down knowledge by their Elder Greekers. So if your looking for an easy "A", The Greek can typically point you in the right direction.

The Foreigner
To bring in a fresh perspective on your life, The Foreigner is definitely worth having around. That status quo American mindset of yours is due a culture shake-up right about this time in your life. It’s certainly worth experiencing now when your mind is still young and malleable, than when you’re old and less receptive to others’ ideas.

The Professor
It should go without saying that you should talk to your professors everyday. Even if it’s just about some thing random, whatever you can spark up a conversation about works. All you’re wanting is to at least have had some sort of dialog and recognition between the two of you. Because when you come up asking to make up that test you missed from over sleeping, your chances of being allowed to do so will greatly increase if they know your name.

The Hippie
There is definitely nothing wrong with throwing a little love in the picture. If The Professor is someone to make you stay on task, The Hippie is the complete polar opposite. They’re only mission in life is to have fun and maybe partake in a certain “Herbal Cigarette” (as Craig Ferguson likes to call them). Now, I neither partake nor condone in such “Herbal Cigarette” activities, but I do agree with the laid-back lifestyle. While having a great task oriented mindset at college is good, having fun doing it is just important. The message of “living life to the fullest” has become sort of a cliché, but still needs not be forgotten when at college.

The Nerd
Everyone needs their very own personal Nerd. Someone to help do your homework for you when you’re feeling lazy, or stand in for you on a test you didn’t study for. Just say you’ll buy them the new Halo, WOW or Dungeons and Dragons book if they ace it, and you’ve got them under your thumb forever.

The Advisor
Think of your college Advisor like a native guide holding the lamp for you as you try to escape the darkness of a deep cave. They’re there to help you because they know what lies in the path ahead. Listen to their advice and I assure you the likelihood of your college survival will be significantly higher.