Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nude No More!: Threadless Select Product Review

In college, what you wear defines you. This may be why there seems to be no shortage of online T-Shirt stores geared towards the college community.

Of the many, Threadless(affiliate link), in my opinion,  has shined out as a leader of the pack. Their shirts are witty and cool without being overly provocative or corny. So naturally when asked if I would review their new Select Line of Clothing, I was super stoked.

The Product
In Threadless' own words..
The Select Line is designed by the community, but curated by Threadless. It includes original Threadless designs blown up, scaled back, with the original concepts intact. The products are printed with water-based inks on finer cotton, to be sofer and eco-friendlier.
In essence, Threadless is taking some of their original designs, changing them up a bit, and then putting them on super nice material. The shirts are made from 100% pima cotton and are "satin garment washed" in order to get that soft worn-out cotton feeling.

The shirt I decided to review was the "Peace" design and here is what I thought about it...

I can honestly say that this shirt is one of the best wearing shirts I have ever put on. The cotton is soft, stretchy and light that you barely even notice it's on you at all. Compared to the heavy-duty cotton T-Shirts I usually wear, this thing is like wearing a cloud. Ever since I've gotten it, I've been wearing it every chance I can get…seriously.

It is EXPENSIVE! With all the positive regards I just spewed above, it comes at a price. At $35 a shirt, it makes the decision to buy one of these shirts pretty difficult. But let me just say, you definitely get what you pay for.

Here is the deal: with college kids, price is the main point of any purchase. So, if your a college kid and you want this shirt, you can either....

A.) Ask your parents to give you one for your birthday or some other occasion
B.) Cut into some of that loan money and reward yourself
C.) Learn how to get a few extra bucks out of your parents to pay for it

Either way kind of sucks, but trust me - it will be worth it once you put it on.