Monday, August 8, 2011

A Quick Way To Save Some Cash At College

I'm currently doing a little experiment to save some cash and feel like queuing you in. I've decided to no longer receive cable T.V. and instead watch Television exclusively through online services like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN3 and those "Digital Bunny Ears".

Doing this has cut my cable/internet bill in half!

It's been a over 3 months now and I can definitively say that this was a very good idea! My girlfriend and I watch our favorite shows on Netflix and whenever we want to watch something  live, we just fire up the Antenna. 

So if you're strapped for cash and looking to save without sacrificing a lot in the process, try getting rid of your cable for awhile. You might just find yourself missing it a lot less then you think.

DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket package will be available on the PS3 this year.