Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google+ You = "Your Social Rebirth"

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and thought, "Who are you people and what have you done with my friends?" Me too! For some strange reason I have accumulated over 400 people that would consider themselves my "Friends", and all I ever see when I log on is them doing stuff without me. Because in truth -- we aren't really friends, we're "Facebook Friends".

Well, if you're tired of feeling this way, I think I may have found the solution....Google+! Google+ represents something of a Social Restart button. Instead of going through and slyly "de"-friending people (that honestly probably never was a friend in the first place), now you can just move onto to the fresh start and greener pastures that is Google+.

Not to mention Google+ has a simple and easy way to move people that aren't as close into a separate category called "Acquaintances". Because isn't that what 90% of Facebook friends are anyway......just Acquaintances.

So.....if your looking for a new Social Rebirth to go along with that degree your striving for,

Here's a invite link to get you started:

P.S. - I know this kinda sounds like a commercial, but no one paid me or told me to say this. Facebook has just been making me mad lately.