Friday, March 23, 2012

Make a Sticker, OF YOUR FACE -- My Sticker Face Review

Ever wanted to stick your face on everything? Well, at, they're are making it a reality. In their own words, "My Sticker Face lets you create custom contour stickers of your face, your pets face, friends or family members faces."

The Opportunity
I was given a chance to test out's sticker making process by making a sticker face of my own, and here's how it went....

The Experience
After some long inner discussions and awkward looks at myself in the mirror, I decided that it would probably be best if I didn't make multiple stickers of my face. It's not that I'm ugly or anything, I just don't want to look at myself that much (and neither does my girlfriend).

So instead, I decided to go with my wonderful dog, Oliver. You may know him from my About Page surfing the internet.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose the picture to make the sticker from, the reason being because instead of using a cute picture (like the one above to the right), I went with the "I hate you so much right now for making me take a bath." (picture below) My girlfriend thinks it was literally the worst picture I could have chosen to make the sticker out of, and upon looking back at it, I think she may be right.

Anyway, I uploaded the picture to, and it then took me to a crop menu which aided me in cropping out just Olivers head from the picture.

I'm not going to lie, this took a whole lot longer then I thought it was. Besides the generic "dog head" cutout the template gives you at the start, there is no kind of face detecting software at all. All points for cropping have to be changed and edited manually until they lined up with the picture exactly.

After the tedious task of cropping out just his head, I chose what types of stickers I wanted, typed in all my info and I was done -- and in a short stint of time, here is what it came out to be

It was kind of hard to get a good picture of the stickers, but this is the best I got. They came out pretty good (given I chose a horrible picture), but if you look closely at the larger image, you can see a little pixelation going on. I'm not sure if this because of me or not.

All in all, this was a good experience -- and if I wasn't such an idiot using a poorly resolutioned picture of a dog that momentarially hated my existance, I think this would have worked out a lot better.

So, if you are looking to make some stickers of yourself, make sure to head on over to these guys website and check them out.