Monday, June 8, 2015

Burner App -- Keep Your Personal Number Safe

Your cell phone number is your identity, the physical representation of how you contact the world. Though many of us rarely remember phone numbers, that still doesn’t diminish the value of the number or how hard life becomes when it is compromised.

Being harassed is something that none of us wants to deal with. However,
in our daily lives there are many social situations in which giving out our personal cell phone number to strangers we just met is inescapable. Whether it be someone at a party, a stranger we are selling something to on CraigsList or maybe even a new client at work -- being able to separate your personal number from these situations while still being able to keep in contact with them would be an undeniable plus.

That’s where Burner comes in. Burner is an app that allows you to create a separate number where untrusted (or loosely trusted) third parties can contact you. This number connects directly to your already existing phone number providing a layer of security and protection but still allowing you to be contacted by those individuals. So, if by some terrible reason a relationship were to go south or merely the transaction is over, Burner makes it easy to “Burn” or disconnect the number you’ve created while keeping your personal number intact and uncompromised.

Yes, there are ways to block or “blacklist” numbers, but it’s very easy nowadays for someone to change or “spoof” their number to get past these blocks. With Burner the person would never even know your true private number, and once burned, you never have to speak to them again. Unless you were to see them on the street, in which case your only option would be to find a large object to stand behind or pray that you wore good running shoes.

Your cell phone number is one of the most important numbers you have. It's the way you interact with the world and the way it gets in touch with you. A number that should be held close and only given to trusted individuals in your life. So avoid giving that crazy stalker at the bar you mistakenly thought was cool your number and give Burner a try instead.