Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Cheap Things To Do Around Campus

After a great Thanksgiving week off from blogging, I'm back with guns blazing to finish out this semester with some great posts. So make sure to check in frequently and keep on surviving!

Sporting Events
If you're currently a student at most universities, tickets are free (and you can't beat FREE). Even if your athletic teams suck or you don't like sports, go out to show your support and have a little fun. To me, the student section always felt more like one big party rather than a cheering section, anyways. Most people are just there to have a good time.

I know this isn't technically on campus, but just give me a minute to explain before you question my reasoning in the comment section. When I was at college, you could rent a tent from the Rec Center for next to nothing. If your university does this, I strongly advise you to do so. It will save you on having to buy or look for one yourself and most camping places are dirt cheap. So pack up everything you need, get together with some friends and head off into the great outdoors. A little fresh air will do you good.

A lot of colleges have live concerts from time to time and tickets are free (or at least at discounted price) for students. Even though you may not know the band performing, yet again, you can't beat FREE. So head out and who knows, you might like them. Also, rest assured that if your fellow students elected this performer to come play, they should be at least decent.

If your university has a good Performing Arts Program, be sure to check out their plays and musicals. I remember the tickets only being around $10-$15 a person and the shows were usually pretty good. It's also a good place to go on a date because even though girls never really say it, they love being able to get all dressed up for something more than just a dinner and a movie.

House Parties
Nothing says, "I can't afford to go clubbin' and pay $10 a drink," like throwing a house party. Get a bunch of friends to put in, buy a keg and charge anyone (who is above the legal age of course) $3 a cup. Hopefully the beer will pay for itself and maybe you'll get a little extra for whatever damages may occur. You know, like replacing that front door you used to go surfing down the stairs with.