Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Ways NOT To Be Annoying In Class

Stop Whispering To Your friends
As interesting a time involving a clown, two sheep and a cheerleader you may have had last night, it can wait until after class. Lectures usually only last about an hour and some change, which leaves 23 other hours in the day to tell about your outrageous adventures.

The Drink Is Done…Put It Down
I know your trying to get your moneys worth out of the soda, but just take off the lid. It's not worth getting the "stink eye" from all those sitting around just for the last little bit of Mountain Dew your sucking down one droplet at a time.

Invest in Wooden Pencils
Nothing bugs me more than hearing someone constantly clicking their mechanical pencil trying to get another piece of lead started. It's like *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*, AHHHH!! Go buy some regular pencils and struggle sharping them with that thing on the wall like the rest of us.

 Blow Your Nose!! 
I know its not your fault that your nose is running, but can't you just step out of the class every once in awhile and blow it. How many times can a human sniff in 3 seconds? Sometimes I wonder if these people even exhale as much as they're breathing in all the time.

Stop Typing With Those Wolverine Nails
Ok, first off, typing loudly in a quiet classroom is annoying enough, but when its with those tiger claw finger nails, it's 10x worse. The clanking sound created when those fake plastic nails come in contact with the keyboards surface is something that could drive even the soundest of minds insane. Do everyone a favor that's sitting around you and either leave the computer at home or start the habit of biting your nails.