Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Ways NOT To Be A Terrible Roommate

Turn Down Your Music
It's one in the morning, I'm trying to get some sleep before my mid-term tomorrow and your blasting Lady Gaga having a little one person party in your room. TURN IT DOWN!! They've come out with this new invention called "Headphones"; GET SOME!!

Take Criticism Well
If you can't take criticism well, then you might as well get a room alone. There are things that you've been doing all your life by yourself that's just not going to cut it when living with others. So get ready for a little constructive criticism and try to bite your tongue as much as possible.  

Do Your Dishes
I kid you not; I once roomed with a guy who left dirty raw chicken dishes in the sink, which caused us to have maggots growing in our drain. It was disgusting! Your not at home with your mom to clean up after you, so do it yourself or you might just find a present sitting in your bed when you get home from class.

Contain Your Mess To Your Room/Side
No one wants to sit down on the couch next to a dirty sock. Make sure all your dirty clothes and random things stay in your room and not where everyone else has to deal with them. If you're sharing a single room with someone, at least try and keep it on your side.

"Keep it down in there!!!"
Since there may be kids (and my mother) reading this post, I'm not going to go into too much detail here, but you should get my drift. I already know your name; I don't need to hear it said multiple times at four in the morning in order to help me remember, thanks.